Renee Gauvin

[email protected]

My Story

As a retired teacher and empty nester, I found myself back in school taking courses to become an art teacher.  I was also running a small gallery, promoting local artists and writing articles about the different  artists' shows, which I was so very  proud of!  Later I was requested to be on the Art and Education Board at Germanna Community College and through that experience, I found out about Art Licensing and the different opportunities for designers and artists in the market place.  I just couldn't resist the idea of having my art work for me.

My own Inspiration.

Inspired by Asian art and tapestries, the aesthetics of French country, I also love vintage and floral prints. I hope that I bring, a lightness of spirit and a rich whimsical happy feeling to my work.

White picket fences...

Lately, I've really been enjoying painting lovely old, charming buildings, with window boxes and garden gates.

Making Snowmen

Why is this my favorite picture of myself as a child, well, besides the 'oh so cute' princess style coat that finally got handed down to me from my older sister?  
I was still four and we had just moved to the little college town of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania,USA, where it snows in the winter from San Jose', California, where it does not snow.

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